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Are you searching for the best Smart TV to buy this year? No need to look at other places, because you are definitely in the right place. Continue to read this article as you will know everything about the best Smart TV in the market place. We have taken our time to list the overall Top 9 best smart TV in india so as to make you comfortable when you watch your movies, sports, etc.

Among the ranges are QLED to Mini LED contenders in the market. We know your choice is listed here as they are the best Smart TV’s you can get in India or anywhere else. Whatever your choice of Smart TV is, we got the best listed here for you with capabilities to improve the 4K Blu rays or Netflix movies alike as well as the built-in-sound systems which has enough sound to make your neighborhood vibrate.

The Smart TV’s listed here have all the best features of a modern Smart TV like colorful HDR, 4K Resolution, and every modern feature a smart TV should have are incorporated in them like the next generation gaming consoles e.g., Xbox Series, PS5 that comes with HDMI 2.1 support and also VRT which is the norm for higher-end screens TV’s.

Our selections below represent the all-round best Smart TV’s you can get today. We also highlighted the specifications, pros and cons as well as those in which the budget is affordable but comes with amazing features and value.

Check them out and pick the best choice for yourself or your family today.

1.  LG C1 OLED Smart TV Series

If you want a flawless OLED Smart TV, it is the LG Smart TV Series. This TV offers you the overall best 8K resolution but the new G1 Gallery Series uses the coveted Evo panel which provides a better brightness. The LG C1 also offers you the most affordable price which blends with good quality and performance. This TV is among the top best you should consider to buy this year.


Screen size ranges from48″, 55″, and 65″ and: 77-inch resolution
Panel4K Panel Type is OLEDSmart
WebOSHDarHLG, HDR, and Dolby Vision New 2021.
Picture typeThe LG C1 has beautiful 4K/HDR picture
HDMIHDMI 2.1 ports are four
OSThe WebOs is amazing
  • Good performance in picture quality
  • High Resolution
  • The glass surface is reflective

2. Samsung QN95A Neo QLED

The new Samsung Neo QLED has a Mini LED that only enhances the best performance of the Samsung TVs. This TV is the first to incorporate a Mini LER backlight, which offers a significant improvement in thinner panels and dimmable zones.

The superb SDR and HDR are all delivered without any loss of shadow detail. The embedded quantum dot technology offers rich saturated pictures and the Filmmaker Mode provides accurate images which enhances the best of Samsung TVs.

  • Smart TV has amazing picture quality.
  • The sound system is great
  • No Atmos or Dolby Vision
  • Th Freeview Play isn’t that nice.

 3 The TV all-round Sony A8H OLED

One of the best option with high OLED picture performance which offers a stunning and compelling TV option for cinema fans is the Sony A8H OLED TV. It comes with the top Ultimate processor as well as the Sony Pixel Contrast Booster which gives improved image highlights. The direct sound performance is very good with a new OLED version of X-Motion Clarity feature. The Sony OLED TV’s affordable price is third place this year.


Android TVHDRHLG, Dolby Vision
Panel Type4KPanel Type: OLEDSmartTV
  • Picture is very refined and gorgeous
  • The sound quality is excellent
  • TV has no HDR10+ support
  • Occasional the operating system is fiddly.

4. Samsung Q80T QLED

The QLED Samsung is one of the best TV for gamers and cinephiles because of the Vibrant HDR that it’s built with. The build of the Samsung Q80T is built on the success of the previous QLED models to enhance a brilliant HDR TV. One great feature of the TV is the incredible low input tag that makes the Q80T a great Smart TV for the those gamers who enjoy responsive gameplay. If you want an all-round great watching video, the Samsung Q80T is your best choice.


Screensizerangesfrom55″,”65″,”75″ & “85” –inch Resolution
Panel Type4KPanel Type: QLED SmartTV
TizenHDRHLG, HDR10+, HDR10
  • Smart TV’s backlight is Full Array
  • Image processor is 4K Quantum
  • High peak brightness
  • QLED is not the prettiest
  • Has No Dolby Vision

5. Sony Bravia X900H Best Smart TV for Gamers

The Sony Bravia X900H offers incredible picture quality, excellent upscaling as well as nice HDMi 2.1. The TV does everything a Smart TV does with great style. The standard sound quality and the startling picture quality is outstanding under the right circumstances. The Smart TV is very easy to operate and use. The picture content is of superior resolution. The Sony Bravia uses a VA-type LCD of which the IPS edge-lit panel is the upgraded type. The full VA panel offers. Ore brightness, more colour volume and the uniformity of the screen is very improved. When compared to the IPS model, it offers a restricted viewing angle.


Screensizerangesfrom“55”, “65”, “75”, “85” –inchresolution.
PanelType4KPanelType: Android LCD Smart TV
TVHDRHLG,Dolby Vision, HDR10
  • TV has Mini LER backlight
  • Color is Quantum for
  • Peak brightness is middling
  • Motion handling is poor

6 Amazon Basics Ultra HD LED 55-Inch Fire TV-Edition

The Amazon Basics is a new range of television that was launched with less fanfare. The company has to offer different variants in sizes and resolutions that ranges from 32-inch HD to 55-inch Ultra HD. The price of the 55-inch 4K was around Rs34,000 when launched but this price later fluctuated a bit. The Amazon Basics TV can be bought anywhere between Rs. 35,000 and Rs. 37,000 but buyers will likely be given discounts on the major Amazon sales.

The companies own product brand is Amazon Basics and under this banner, Amazon has made many sales. Everything can be bought from Amazon, ranging from the pots, HDMI cables, and chargers too. Amazon Basics as a brand name is very established so the customer care service is efficient.

  • Both Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision are supported.
  • The remote is very functional and the software is good.
  • Improved performance in resolution
  • Motion picture is easy on the eyes.
  • There are limited options for the external audio connection
  • Black levels are average.
  • At tight viewing, the picture quality becomes lost
  • At Ultra-HD resolution, TV isn’t smart enough

7) Mi TV 4- PRO HD- Ready LED TV

This TV is very good for gaming consoles. The Mi TV 4A PRO operates on Android 9.0 platform which makes access to smart options easily assessable and comes with super supportive devices which enhances usability. The MI TV 4W is built with Innovative data saver options which comes with less data and offers you an HD- ready resolution

One essential feature it has is the Good Assistant for easy voice transmission. Performance is high, and the product runs on a 64-bit Quad-Core processor that enhances a high quality picture.


  • 3 HDMI port and 2 USB ports comes with the TV
  • Has built-in Wifi
  • Able to feature 30 watts output
  • You have the Google assistant for easy voice transmission
  • It comes with 3 HDMI ports, including 2 USB ports.
  • Features Vivid Picture Engine for display
  • Resolution: 1366 X 768 pixels
  • Smart TV
  • Price is cheap and affordable with high quality and output
  • Display quality is excellent.
  • Sound is not too excellent.
  • The build quality is average


The Phillips 50PUT8215 model color reproduction with HDR10, Dolby Vision, and SDR content looks perfect with amazing features. The settings menu is very easy to operate and most of the complex settings of the models is simplied in this product. The gaming performance is awesome and the audio quality is perfect and acceptable. This TV is good for content consumption from OTT services. Well, it’s not a good TV for gamers. We recommend that gamers should check out other TV.

  • Video quality is.good
  • Sound quality is acceptable
  • When mounting the LED, the use of USB and HDMI will be restrained.

9. OnePlus Y Series 32Y1 HD Ready Android TV  LED Smart

The OnePlusYSeries32Y1 has a Phillips brand license TPV technology which has been launched in many similar models under the same brand. This TV has variety of screen sizes and its amazing features include Dolby audio, and HDR10+. The Smart TV is one of the latest generation TVs built by Phillips Company. Using this product, you get easy Google Assistance with one-touch options. These options can be easily clicked for easy use.


  • Bezel-less design enhances new looks
  • TV features are very easy to use for easy interaction.
  • Comes with Gamma Engine
  • Resolution is 1366 X 768 pixels
  • Connectivity: 2 USB , 2 HDMi ports
  • Sound output is 20 watts
  • TV: Smart TV
  • Comes with movies Ample connectivity options
  • Very okay for everyday viewing
  • Remote control is not too efficient
  • Gaming performance is low

Buyer’s Guide: Know these things before buying

Size of the TV: The size of the TV is very important to know before you buy any Smart TV product. Most people has either emotional or psychological connect with the TV size they want. So the best is to go for the size that is convenient for you.

Resolution: This is an important factor you should consider before buying a TV. Knowing the number of pixels matters because this represents the graphical information that is displayed to the viewer. In India, there are 3 types: Full HD (1939x1080p), HD-Ready (1380 X 720p/, Ultra HD 8K (7670 X 4320p)

The Display Panel:  You need to factor this in before buying a TV. It ranges from slim LED, to CRT TVs and the OLED. Pick your best choice. We always recommend that you opt for Display Panel with very good rating like the LED and. LED smart TVs. They are very good choice you will enjoy.

Sound Output:

The TV sound quality is important to know too. In some models, you can see that RMD power rating is provider to TVs. Any TV with 5W + 5W RMS show that the power output of the both speakers us 5W. A good sound quality will have a high RMS rating..

The Refresh Rate

The more fast the refresh goes,, the better the number of times picture can be refreshed which enhances picture quality. The refresh rate is measured in Hertz and this explains the number of times a picture can be refreshed on the screen in every second. The recommended and standard refresh rate is 60 times per second. But in scenes that have fast moving objects, a 60 Hzt refresh rate will make the pictures look blurry, especially on the LCD and HDTVs. In order to create a good and solid picture, manufacturers have increased the Refreshed rate enormously.

Price: know you budget and make comparisons with quality versus price. Ensure that you have the financial ability before picking an expensive Smart TV. There are good Smart TVs which are affordable to buy and yet provided better quality. So buy a smart TV to match your budget.


We glad that we have enlightened you enough and we have explained both the basics and much more on the best Smart TV’s in India. We have outlined the advantages and disadvantages on each of them and also stated their features. The above list is the top rated in the market, do if you have any questions, feel free to ask us abs we will answer you.

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